1. raj1984

    Actress Sex Story Dr. Anjali - Transformation From Doctor to Cow Slut

    Dr. Anjali looked up from her research notes and saw the stranger gaze down on her. She frowned and was about to speak when he sat down in front of her and said: “You want an injection that will change your metabolism and turn you into a big titted, fat with big butt and another injection that...
  2. raj1984

    Actress Sex Story Brainwashing Traditional Woman To Slut - A Revenge Story Season 2

    Disclaimer : Hey guys thanks for the support you gave for this story... Now planning to start season 2 for this story... Need some help from you guys... 1. Please read my story Rashmika Mandanna - Destruction Of A Policewoman before we get into the Second season. This is not to promote my...