1. Jieolsz

    Dirty Talk Artist's Muse - A truth that's stranger than fiction

    Who could have thought that a candid post could help lead to this? Here's presenting my latest muse, a fusion of reality and art, in an attempt to reach the heights and depths of erotica, our very own @DeepikaDesiiii
  2. MrGhostRider

    AI Fake MGR Fakes - AI Edition

    Manju Warrier Boobs FAQ - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 1) What Software/Website/App/Tool you use for these kinds of Fakes?? A) I am (and other AI Fakers are) using Stable Diffusion. Its a PC only software which is not available on Android (as of now). 2) But but but i saw some where some...
  3. MrGhostRider

    Hentai/Cartoon MGR Fakes - Hentai/3DCG/Toon Art Edition

    Iswarya Menon As Batgirl - Series
  4. Artistic actress fantasy

    Faker's Gallery Artistic actress edits

    Here are my experiments with erotic art and erotic faces.