indhuja ravichandran

  1. YashikaKajalBooBs

    Tamil Actress Eros fakes by Y.K.B

    I named this thread Eros from the Greek God of sexual desire. This thread mostly will feature South Indian actress and some random Bollywood actress that too will be my favourites. Im not making fakes for a while, in the mean time I'll be posting my old fakes made for the contest.. After...
  2. desifakes

    Faking Contest Indhuja Ravichandran nude fakes S1 - Week 11

    Previous contest winner : @LOLLIPOP 2nd place EnigmaSoul @yserious12 @sachinsuperstar @Fakerzzz 3rd place : @whorevanthi @anju3265 Top contributor award goes to @LOLLIPOP and @anju3265 Congratulations guys...... Faking contest Rules All entries should have the desifakes logo on them...