1. Reshna Sithy

    New Faker Advice on how to find perfect nude pics for faking

    Hi Everyone, Just need the advices from our famous fakers how to find a perfect nude pics, which matching with the pictures you intent to make fake... I am really struggling.... And also how to remove cloths partially.... Many thanks in advance...
  2. Fanofdc

    Faker's Gallery Tips for mobile fakers(anyone can share tips)

    A thread for anyone to share their tips about how to use their phone to make great fake. You might/might not know I am mobile faker myself and want to help other out
  3. Fanofdc

    Faker's Gallery Bollywood dirty posters(fakes)

    Just made these fake and xxx poster of Bollywood. Imagine bollywood was really lewd and actually made films like this
  4. Captain_Edits

    New Faker Tv Actress Fakes

    Request any Tv actress. No South Indian actress request allowed as there are many for that. Actress must be above 18. Posts will be updated by midnight. Do not spam
  5. Damdam kumar

    Bollywood Actress New fakes via picsart

    image storage picture upload