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  1. luststory

    Bollywood Actress Shraddha Kapoor fakes

    Dear fellows I delighted to inform you that I’m going to start a dedicated thread for my queen Shraddha Kapoor. Below all the fakes created by @Picsart. Kindly support with your reaction and comments. That boost me to create more. Once again thank you all
  2. luststory

    Bollywood Actress Bollywood actress HD Picsart Fakes

    Hi fellows I’m starting a new thread on Bollywood actress Fakes prepared from PicsArt. Kindly support, react , comment and follow
  3. Jackx12

    Faker's Gallery Actress Picsart HD Fakes

    Ask for fakes with high quality images, will post the best possible nudes using picsart ai replace feature
  4. N

    New Faker Cum on my Whore MOM

  5. xxxcome8

    Bollywood Actress Actress X Porn Picsart Fakes

    Milky Beauty Tammana
  6. deePro

    South Actress South actress Picsart gallery

    Picsart edits collection for South Indian actress
  7. picsart_editor

    Faker's Gallery Picsart_Fakes only

    This thread is only for South indian Actresses & Bollywood Actresses You can request for any actresses from South and Bollywood. You can also support me by giving df coins to me for the fakes you like.
  8. S

    AI Fake Richa chetry(Assamese actress)nudes

    50df coins per image
  9. Johnfkaneddy

    AI Fake Picsart AI Nudes

    Here I will be posting AI Nudes of Actress created using picsart. Send Request in DM for Personal Fakes, or any actress fakes you want me to post.
  10. Shibani Soul

    New Faker Full PicsArt Tutorial For Beginners

    How to use Cloning Brush Tools in PicsArt to Remove Bra Straps In this tutorial , I will be using Cloning Brush tool in PicsArt to remove bra straps. Note : The photo is used for demonstration purpose only. https://mega.nz/file/J74hWDYa#vN9pZWwETrDmtT6iuyhJ-BD77b_h9YEPhkxk56b3u6I
  11. Reshna Sithy

    New Faker Advice on how to find perfect nude pics for faking

    Hi Everyone, Just need the advices from our famous fakers how to find a perfect nude pics, which matching with the pictures you intent to make fake... I am really struggling.... And also how to remove cloths partially.... Many thanks in advance...
  12. Fanofdc

    Faker's Gallery Tips for mobile fakers(anyone can share tips)

    A thread for anyone to share their tips about how to use their phone to make great fake. You might/might not know I am mobile faker myself and want to help other out
  13. Fanofdc

    Faker's Gallery Bollywood dirty posters(fakes)

    Just made these fake and xxx poster of Bollywood. Imagine bollywood was really lewd and actually made films like this
  14. Captain_Edits

    New Faker Tv Actress Fakes

    Request any Tv actress. No South Indian actress request allowed as there are many for that. Actress must be above 18. Posts will be updated by midnight. Do not spam
  15. Damdam kumar

    Bollywood Actress New fakes via picsart

    image storage picture upload