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  1. keshthee

    Faker's Gallery South Actress Fakes

    Welcome to my new thread.. Here you find all South actresses and anchors fakes!! No Personal fakes requests.. Like and Enjoy!!(y)
  2. abc4545

    Bollywood Actress Shraddha Kapoor Nude Bath

  3. Snowy9

    Faker's Gallery Snowy's fakes of all celebrities

    Hi... Here i post my own edits of all kinds of celebrities. I love to fake real pictures of celebrities and you can request them here. If you have a picture to fake, post or DM me, i'll fake it my best. I hope you all like and support my work. Please like/comment your thoughts and suggestions...
  4. Nemo69

    Faker's Gallery Avneet Jannat & Others Love

    I'll post fakes but most of them will be of Avneet and Jannat