ritika sajdeh

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    Faker's Gallery All indian celebrity

    Start with my favourite bhabhi Sakshi dhoni
  2. A

    New Faker Anya Fakes

  3. Hornyv

    New Faker Sports sluts (smriti mandhana, ritika, sakshi, anushka sharma, mithali raj and more...)

    All the fakes here are related to indian sports related celebrities
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    Faker's Gallery BOLLYWOOD WHORE (Harrier Edits)

    ALL the Bollywood whores will be NUDE & FUCKED here 1) ALL the request are accepted here 2) DO not post any of yours fake/photos in This thread 3) for private fakes just message the pictures 4 Do not violate any guidelines of DESIFAKES
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    Other Celebrity Cricket wife and other model

    Here iam posting my work