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  1. R

    Other Sex Story Nivin finds haven in his cousins pussy.

    Saturday evening nivin and his family were visiting his cousins house, just like usual, ruchitra and her bother shyam and also in present. nivin was soo excited to visit see her again, he could not wait for him get his hand on her wardrobe and see if she updated his wardrobe. For past five odd...
  2. kindblackdevil01

    Hindi Sex Story A new adventure

    story Hi, let me tell you About me first. I am chirag aged 25. This happened around a year back. I met this beautiful couple Mr. and Mrs. Sharma from Bangalore online and started to share the fantasy. Sharma is 35 and his wife is 29. I had been chatting with this new Indian couple here for...
  3. B

    Tamil Sex story Dharsha Guptha and Pavithra Lakshmi Lesbian Story

    A Day in Dress Shop A fine morning Dharsha a Young and Beautiful Girl, Joined Mairi's Dress Shop. It was her first Day in the shop, and many customers came that day, So she worked so hard that day, And she knows Evening the shop will be more busy, So from Men's Section of clothes she went to...
  4. raj1984

    Actress Sex Story Need your suggestion

    Just for my understanding i am starting this poll... Need your support and sincere feedback