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  1. DC

    Faker's Gallery DC Fakes (Exclusive)

    Hi, I will be posting here my collection exclusively. I don't take requests but hope you will enjoy the work. 💯 Only quality original fakes exclusively for DF. ✅ All fakes are HD+, click pictures to view full size. ⛔ NO Spam of any kind, it will be deleted. (y) Like and Follow. 💙 #01...
  2. DesiGirlsFakes

    Softcore Pics Pics For Faking (Series Version)

  3. L

    New Faker Bollywood Fakes | Hardcore & Softcore

    Neha Sharma
  4. akkuikku

    Malayalam Actress Lo-Fi edits

    Malavika Menon
  5. PsyfakerReturns

    Faker's Gallery Psyfaker Returns

    Hello everyone. I used to make a lot of desi celeb fakes, quite a long time ago 😁 I don't know, maybe some of you may remember me. Couple of my fakes even made it to the news... Maybe you remember these pictures? Just a small heads up... I DO NOT TAKE REQUESTS May I request not to just reply...