1. N

    New Faker Actress GIF fakes

    I edited my goddess tamanna ass from action movie, I m new editor
  2. AishFucker

    Faker's Gallery Bollywood Seductress (Only Premium Quality Fakes)

    Its all about Bollywood Actresses who just want to seduce. For best experience watch my post in computer, believe me your dick will bless you instantly Lets start thread with MILF Fuckwhore Anushka Sharma Visit Alia Bhatt Separate Thread...
  3. Vaibowvishnu85

    Shemale Tamanna Shemale Fakes Part1

    Tamanna Shemale Fakes Part1
  4. A

    Faker's Gallery Tam & Alvi Ki World

  5. Jr0863

    Faking Contest Tamannaah Nude Fakes - S2 - Week 25

    Last contest winner @NSFW_Faker 2nd winner is @XRay_Faker @orochimaru @kareenak @Sakht Lounda 3rd winner is @RPKing1 @Captain_Edits @killaBee @Yuvi @Domb Top contributor award goes to @NSFW_Faker @Sakht Lounda @Yuvi Faking contest Rules All entries should have the desifakes logo on them All...
  6. Flowergirl


    Hey guys, I will be starting a new thread to post only my best works as some of my older fakes are no longer visible in the older thread. The old thread will remain active with all my experimental fakes and pending requests. I will be reuploading some of those lost pictures that I still have...
  7. Love

    Old Collection Only thammana, anushka &shruti hasssan

    Hi like don't reply for request message me Love of thammana nude pic