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  1. 👑 LustKing💥

    Faker's Gallery Bollywood actress Fakes by Niteshyadavv

  2. Ithrone

    New Faker Lesser known Celebs/Influencer fakes of my choice

    Taking things in my own hands :P Trying my hands at fakes of my fav celebs and influencers whose fakes are rare or not available Starting with Samiksha Pednekar
  3. M

    New Faker Sofia Ansari Nude

    I am not a faker. I just love this website and really want to contribute to it. I joined yesterday and I made a pic of my dream girl Sofia Ansari...
  4. Divya700

    Malayalam Actress ash_melo_skyler

  5. Nemo69

    Faker's Gallery Avneet Jannat & Others Love

    I'll post fakes but most of them will be of Avneet and Jannat
  6. Vladimir_Sensei19

    Bollywood Actress Post Your Requests. I will make fakes !! Note: It's going to be Hardcore !! :)

    First Victim, Sweet Ananya Pandey ❤️
  7. S

    Faker's Gallery Any Actress nude fakes on request !!!!

    Hot anaswara showing