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Nov 7, 2020
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When you turned 18, you received a letter with an invitation to the Hogwarts University of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Because magic is not for children!
Thread Updated: 07-20-2021
Release date: 07-11-2020
Developer/Publisher: Great Chicken Studio
Censorship: No
Version: 0.91b Public
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Game Size: Windows/Linux (1.26 GB) - Mac (1.27 GB) - Android (1.27 GB)

Fantasy, RPG, 2D , Erotic Parody, teen, big cock, animated, big tits, dating sim, groping, handjob, oral sex, milf, mind control, mobile game, sexual harassment, virgin, vaginal sex, M/F, F/F, threesome, anal sex

1. Extract and run.

v0.91b Public
- fixed a bug due to which quest 2 could start in the afternoon
- fixed a bug preventing the completion of quest 65 for a female character in some cases.

v0.91 Public
- Two new quests. The first is the Christmas ball. The second takes place during the ball, and you will fail it if you can't manage to complete it before the ball is over.
- New outfits for almost all characters.
- New, more varied sprite for Ginny. So far we have only used it for the ball, but we will replace her old sprite in the rest of the game in the next versions.
- Four backgrounds have been redesigned or redrawn to better match the holiday spirit.
- Three new soundtracks.
- We've fixed a lot of bugs from previous versions.

v0.90 Alpha

- Bug with timeskip after new Astoria's quest .
- A bug with part time working during story quests.
- A bug in the scene with Ginny at the storageroom.

- 18k words in eight new quests. Two of these quests is for male character only. Optional gender bender quest for your main character.
- 20 new scenes featuring Hermione, Astoria, Irma, Draco, Harry (FemHarry too) and a couple of new characters. M/F, F/F and optionally M/M too.
- We redrawn and animare two old scenes.
- New sprite for Snape.
- New gossips.

- Bugs fixed
- Added two small random events with pictures.

- Added animation, English text is fully read.

- 16k words in eight new quests. One of these quests is for female character only. Three for a male character only.
- Eight new sex scenes featuring Ginny, Hermione, Astoria, Nymphadora, Harry.
- Now you can work at Hogsmeade on weekends.
- Quest 32 has been heavily redesigned and expanded.

- A new character with full questline. Her questline (3 quests) is complete and available for both male and female player's character.
- New Hermione's quest.
- 8000 words and 5 erotic scenes with 14 variations in this four quests.
- All these scenes are animated. These animations are less blurred and much more smooth then before. We will use such animations for all of the following versions too.

No new content in this version, just fixes!
First, we added an indicator that shows you how many actions you did at this time of day. The fact is that some actions end the current time of day. For example, study or group talks. But some other actions you can do up to three times per daytime, for example, a conversation with an individual character, or taking a shower. You can see this indicator in the upper right corner, near the calendar.
Secondly, we fixed those bugs that you reported to us for this week. Thanks to all those who send us bug reports! More than 20 minor bugs were fixed, both text and visual.

- We added eleven new quests and several interactive events to the game. And you can consider interactive events as small quests. It is about 12,000 words of new text in this version (88ะบ words and 54 quest in total, the game has become quite big now).
- You can see the continuation of the main storyline, from two sides.
- Four quests of this version are dedicated to bad guys. Or girls... This means that it will be more interesting for you to play as a Slytherin student.
- You will be able to use magic much more often than before. We took into account your complaints that there is too little magic in our game.
- This version play time ended at Dec, 20.
- You can be expelled from Hogwarts (game over) now.
- We reworked old scenes with flying hands. Now you can see the normally interacting characters instead.
Saves from 0.6ั…+ must work. We hope that we were able to get rid of all the bugs in this version. However, if you encounter a bug, please let us know.

Fixed game not load.

- Quest 40 description was fixed
- Quest 29 decition was rebalanced
- Several light balance tweaks
- Typos ets...

- Soften trigger conditions for quests 43. Now it will be easier for you to get it.
- Reduced skill requirements for quest 33. Now you need only 20 points in Transfigurations or Potions skill.
- Changed music tracks playing during the new quests (36-43).

- 12k words in eight new quests, and also the completion of one old quest (The game contains 75k words and 43 quests now)
- Six new animated erotic scenes
- Three new backgrounds and two old background was redrawn from scratch
- Eleven new erotic illustrations for random events
- Number of sandbox tweaks. For example, shower now take time, but you will need it less often. Unhygienic procedures now illustrated, but you can trigger it only if your arousal high enough.
- We have made a lot of interface's tweaks and changes. Hope you like it.
- You can select game difficulty now.
Attention! Unfortunately, saves from the old versions is not working now. You're must start a new game.

Fixed bug that don't allow to trigger quest 27.

Fixed known bugs.

- 9000 words of text
- 4 new quests, including one very large
- completion of one of the old quests
- 6 scenes with frame-by-frame animation, 4 for female player character and 2 for male player character
- Two scenes with simple animation
- Three backgrounds were completely redrawn
Also, our Parons already testing new sandbox features. Now you can try them too.
Firstly, the choice of "Praise" topic now ends the conversation, and ALWAYS adds one point of the relationship. You will not be able to select this option if you have already discussed other topics. This is done so that you can quickly develop a relationship if you do not want to choose a lot of topics. If you don't want this, then you can play as before, hoping to get up to 3 points of the relationship instead of a guaranteed one point.
Secondly, we will limit the number of conversations during the daytime. You can talk only once in the morning on weekdays, after which the professor will require silence and begin the lesson. The same will be for the middle of the day, if you are in class. At other times, you can make three conversations, and after the third the next time will co
So you can
choose, speak twice and improve your skills, or speak three times.
Thirdly, now there will be an option in some locations to support the conversation in the company. This can bring you points of relationship with everyone who is in the same location.
Changes compared to the beta version:
- Several bugs fixed
- Added several secondary images

- Eight new locations
- Seven new quests, mainly in new locations
- A new secondary character
- Two new soundracks
- Many sandbox improvements

- Almost all the new backgrounds are animated now.
- Added new events, mid-terms. The game is expanded to 2000 words.
- The game time is extended until the end of November.
- Redesigned player character's sprites. Now he/she has both hands and lots of poses.
- Added random encouters at dating place.

Changes from 0.4x versions are:
- Eight new locations
- Seven new quests, mainly in new locations
- Added 16,000+ words of text
- A new secondary character

v0.42 Public
- Added 6 new quest, all of them are erotic themed. Two of them included sex scenes.
- Added 14 sandbox events.
- Four new side character.
- Gossiping girls. They can give you a hint about how to get the quest. They can also comment on your achievements. And they can just talk about all sorts of nonsense. Basically, lewd nonsense...
- Now you can be sorted to Rawenclaw or Hufflepuff (you must to play prologue).
- Three new soundracks.
- More then 7500 words.
- Saves from 0.3ั… are compatible.

- added more than 13,000 words, divided into 11 quests and many small events
- added two new students.
- a lot of sandbox mode improvements.
- added music.
To get most of the quests, you need to develop relationships with other students. Only two quests require a certain skill value for now.

- Added a series of events for Quidditch and qualify to the team.
- Improved Hermione's sprite.
- Added a lot of secondary art.
- Fixed bugs, errors and typos.

This is a patch version. No new content, just hot-fixes.
- Fixed "big owl bug".
- Fixed quest log bug.
- Console is enabled by default.

- Sandbox mode. You can study, train, improve relationships with the another characters, and look how the NPC does all of that.
- Added ~13,000 words.
- Harry, Astoria Greengrass and three teachers.
- Added seven quests. Still no sex, but there is a nudity, romance and different lewd situations.
Changes compare to BETA build are:
- Dialogue system fixed and improved. New topics added. Now it's much harder to get a negative impact on the relationship during a conversation.
- Starting relations with NPC are rebalanced. Starting to play as Slytherinโ€™s student has become more difficult now, because most of the existing characters in Gryffindor.
- All the backgrounds are drawn now. Four of them are animated.
- Now you can train flights if you donโ€™t want to spend all your time in the library.
- Now you can talk with your owl. Only basic topics so far.
- Added the first step of the new quest.

Game Information:
"Prologue" event with 5000+ words.
- Role playing system.
- You can choose the gender of your character. i.e. You can play as either a male or a female student.
- The player character will not be a canonical character from within the Harry Potter universe. However, the other characters are, although they may be a bit "out of character".
- Hand drawn pictures made in the original style.
- You can enroll in any of the houses. The Sorting Hat makes its decision depending on what you did in the prologue.



Android x86: MEGA - NOPY
Android 5-7: MEGA - NOPY
Android 8 and later: MEGA - NOPY

Extras: Walkthrough

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