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cool kapoor

Well-Known Member
Sep 15, 2020


only pvt faking i do
if someone send me his friends or relatives high resolution pics i make fakes on them
and send to him privatly
but only high resolution pics directly from camera
no net pics like from fb or insta

if u hv pc or laptop ?
u can see my screen while i fake for few times
if u like
but not always
only when pics are allowed to share
i fake live
and guys see my screen for live faking
using anydesk softwar

2 nd thing i do is
private tributes
if someone send me his personal pic on a particular girl around 15 HQ pics
i make materials ready
material means a girls 10 around good pics
and 10 around real looking fakes made by me
i shuffle slide show both in my 40 inch screen
and shagg
shoot hole thing
abusing in video
of around 10 mins
then i send that to that guy
thats a private tribute
oh and one more thing
i need to know her name
to abuse in video