Bollywood Actress Lesbian Fakes of Indian Celebs


Oct 29, 2020
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First of all, a big thanks and thumbs up to DesiFakes Forum for providing a platform to post fantasy images and fakes of female celebrities. I am particularly partial to Lesbian fakes of female celebrities. However I know jack shit about photo editing and creating fakes.

However, I collected some lesbian fakes of indian/bollywood celebs from google. All of these fakes were originally posted on bollywood-fake.tumblr and the entire credit goes to the creator there. As tumblr banned posting NSFW images since 21, most of the fakes on that tumblr vanished, except few in my collection. I will post it here. Let me know your comments and this particular genre of fakes.

Disclaimer: All of these images are collected from Internet and are posted only for fantasy. These do not reflect the celebrities at all, and they are not used to harm them in any way. If there is any issue with any of the images posted, please let me know and I will delete it.

Also, please do not post requests here as I know nothing about fake making. However, you are welcome to post lesbian fakes of Indian celebs here.
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