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Suggestion Suggest your ideas & tips for DF Market place


God Father
Staff member
Sep 5, 2020
DF Coins
Dear DF Members,

DF fakes reached this level only by the support of our members especially fakers.

We understand that many fakers would like to monetize their skills by providing customized and personal editing services.
Currently many are using outside channels other than DF for providing such services to connect with their members.
So we would like to leverage the popularity of DF to help our active skilled content creators to sell their services and members to buy trust worthy and verified services from quality services via deepfakes Marketplace.

Apart from this we would like to get suggestions and ideas from members about what kind of services/products/sections/categories would you like to see in DF market place.

If your idea or suggestion is already posted by other members, kindly upvote the idea rather than posting them again.

Please note that we will not be charging any commission
Hey buddy, there would be nothing better than creating an app platform for this website as many of us are regular uses and we would love using an app, you can make an app with a monthly chargee of something like 999df coins
An App specifically for browsing desifakes would be super useful, but not sure how its related to the marketplace we are discussing here??
People, the title of this thread is "Suggest your ideas & tips for DF Market place". So please keep the ideas and suggestion related to the marketplace only. Thank you!
Message for Admin : Why you guys haven't got any solution till now ?
Do you guys really want to do this or Just created simple thread
Message for Admin : Why you guys haven't got any solution till now ?
Do you guys really want to do this or Just created simple thread
Any updates on this thread admin and moderators @desifakes its been stagnanted for long time.

Can you tell what works was going on regarding this

So,we can give our valuable ideas that you implement during this phase.
So far DF marketplace put on hold for reasonable reasons. We will notify soon about how n when DF marketplace will start.
Most fakers here anyway makes reasonable money in different channels thanks to taking up pvt. requests. My suggestion would be to give the actual monetary lease of life to the concept of "DF coins" which so far exists with very restricted benefits.

Monetizing DF COINS does a greater good to the community of industrious fakers who have shelled out years of hardwork and efforts for the betterment of this page since its inception. Also it rewards every strata of fakers equitably (not equally) based on their longevity and consistent engagement in DF site.

When the DF coins earned are really 'worth' the efforts put in, budding young fakers will be naturally motivated to produce more quality contents & more importantly, they will be more enticed to post their fakes only in DF page rather than in other social media sites and thereby preventing them cybercrime tussles and exponentially increasing the hits and public engagement of the site.
So true ....df coins have no aparent use and thats only what we get most of the time for our hardwork
One of the best thing for Df market place would be offering Df Coins of shop items for about 50% off in special days. Like Holi,Eid,Diwali,New Year,etc,. It will give so much relief for new comers and visitors to enjoy the Market items.
Please take this idea for consideration 🥹