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  • We are very excited to announce that the winners of South Indian contest is @LOLLIPOP and bollywood contest season winner is @Devil007 Congratulations guys

Faking Contest Yami Gautam Nude Fake S1 Week 4

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Oct 10, 2020


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Last Contest winner @Sunfire
2nd winner
is @magicart
3 rd winner is @ALLMIGHT

Top contributor Awards goes to

@bite23 and @lwolverine99

Faking contest Rules
  • All entries should have the desifakes logo on them
  • Bollywood Contest and South Indian contest are two independent contests.
  • All fakes must be exclusively created for the contest
  • If anyone copy fakes from other sites or post any previously created fakes for the contest, they will be disqualified.
  • Participants can submit as many fakes as they wish, but only quality fakes will be considered.
  • Both hardcore and nude fakes are accepted.
  • Fakes should be attractive and appealing and avoid posting extreme disturbing fakes.
  • Faker who contributes the most number of fakes will get 10 points and top contributor award. (Only high quality fakes will be counted)
  • As of now, admin panel will pick the best fake at the end of the week.
  • Winner can select his favorite actress for the next week's contest.
  • Winner will be awarded Faking Contest Weekly winner badge with 30 points.
  • At the end of season 1, the faker who won the most number weekly contests will become the champion.
  • Champion will get Faking contest Season 1 champions trophy with 500 points along with verified tick mark.
  • All awards and badges can be displayed on the screen name and on the profile.
  • Members will get badges and extra features (such as deleting posts) and access to exclusive locked threads as they get more points.
  • Only the mentioned actress fakes are acceptable.
  • Sample fake posted is only for representation purpose only.
  • This week's contest will close on 3 rd November
on every season Competition is going very tough. So we are having hard time finding the winner.
We are planning to introduces silver and bronze awards for second and third place to give award for more fakers. Also top contributor award will be given to multiple people
Award points system is also changed
Winner will get 100 points
Second place 60 points
Third place 40 points
Top contributors 30 points

You can win multiple awards and each 100 points will UP your level by 1, Your level will be displayed on your profile.

This week's Subject actress (Yami Gautam)

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