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  1. Prabh

    Punjabi Actress Sonam Bajwa Porn Video Shoot Done✌️😍

    Sonam Bajwa Porn Shoot
  2. desifakes

    Rules Desifakes story writing contest - Season 1 - Rules

    Rules for the Story Writing Contest Contest Overview: 1. The Story Writing Contest is a creative writing competition in which contestants are provided with a set of characters and their relationships. 2. Contestants must include all the mentioned characters and can add more characters if...
  3. arrisha

    AI Fake Kriti Sanon Ai nude

    Kriti senon Ai nudes

    Faker's Gallery Indian Actresses Gone Wild

    Hi. This is my new thread where I will upload fakes for the sexy and wild actresses of Bollywood, Tollywood, Television and other Indian actresses. Like and comment about what you would like to see next and how are the fakes Kriti Sanon teasing everyone with her pussy Kiara Advani naked...
  5. desifakes

    Announcement Legendary Fakers section eligibility criteria

    By default all previous faking contest season champions are eligible for Legendary Fakers badge and their main threads will be moved to Legendary Fakers section. We will add more eligibility criteria in the coming days to accommodate more fakers into this section Stay tuned
  6. OnlyFakes

    TV Celebrities Shubhangi Atre/Angoori Bhabhi AI Fakes (Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai) by FPL

    Will going to post daily Fakes of Shubangi Atre AKA Angoori Bhabhi from Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai. Please Support My Post by liking it and dropping a comment. Also share it with Angoori Bhabhi lovers. (You can also request porn of any Angoori Bhabhi picture).
  7. hacker_420

    Faker's Gallery Bollywood Cuckold

    Cuckold Bollywood Bolly wood actors fucking their wives with another mans, they don't have enough stamina to satisfy their wives.
  8. rexus

    New Faker Desi New Fakes Actress

    free html gallery code
  9. Pökemön._.editzz

    AI Fake Hot tamil actress editz

    Priyanka Arul Mohan ✨. #1 picture upload sites
  10. joyroy

    Faker's Gallery JOYROY AI EDITS

  11. Dream World

    Faker's Gallery "Anime Hentai Images" By DREAM WORLD

    ⭐ DREAM WORLD produces the best hentai images of Anime Characters. ⭐ Follow " Dream World " for seeing some exciting Hot & Sexy Images of Anime Characters.
  12. Pökemön._.editzz

    AI Fake Ai fakes by Pökemön._.editzz

  13. 0ffline

    Marathi Actress Marathi/Bollywood Actress AI Edits

    Hello, Starting this new thread for nude fakes of marathi/bollywood actresses Do support :) Sonali Patil
  14. Loverboy69


    Starting my sacred thread All because i loved this and i have no quests or target. HOPE ALL SUPPORT No requests, No demand, just sit back, relax and enjoy. HAPPYFAPPYDAY ❤😘
  15. anju3265

    Suggestion Regarding to desifakes logo

    Dear Ai fakers add desifakes logo on your edits. https://desifakes.com/threads/please-use-this-desifakes-logo-on-your-fakes.132/
  16. R

    Faker's Gallery Vedichi Aryaa poori

  17. deePro

    Malayalam Actress Poornima indrajith❤️‍🔥

  18. fappingu68

    AI Fake The Fake Villa - Fappingu68

    Hello Guys, this is my First Fake Share Support and Like Sonam Bajwa
  19. Anjalirock

    Faker's Gallery Kiara advani slutty

  20. H

    New Faker can anyone tell me how to remove our request fro the thread

    anyone tell me how tod this or how to delete the account pls