1. Phantom KJ

    Bollywood Actress Bollywood Actress Fakes Theme Poll

    The One Which got Selected will get another poll of which actresses will do the winning theme. This Poll will close after 4 days
  2. keshthee

    Faker's Gallery South Actress Fakes

    Welcome to my new thread.. Here you find all South actresses and anchors fakes!! No Personal fakes requests.. Like and Enjoy!!(y)
  3. G

    Faker's Gallery Charul Talwar nude pics

    text font copy paste
  4. Impossible_suspect_6

    Hot Bollywood actresses fakes

  5. H

    Hindi Sex Story Personalized fakea

    Hey guys , i will make fakes of people known to you, send me their pics and get their fakes done, if you have any queries, feel free to dm me
  6. Scoops

    Bollywood Actress Scoops’ Angels

    It’s Scoops, these are my angels hahaha… Requests welcomed :). Never posted edits before, so any feedback is appreciated. First up… A few of Sonam Kapoor
  7. Sexy Faker

    Faker's Gallery Sexy Faker Fakes

    Kiara Advani
  8. Lanja

    Telugu Actress All actress flaunting their assets

    Starting my thread with Kiara whore, request for more
  9. ritwika

    New Faker Fakes!!!!!!!!! Let your wildest fantasies come true!!

    Hi!! I make fakes in my free time. I'll be uploading variety of fakes of Celebrities(Indian), Influencers, YouTubers whoever you suggest. I wont update frequently, but whenever I do, It'll be worth wait. Please don't spam as I'll not accept any requests, If you feel any post inappropriate...
  10. Raidon090

    Bollywood Actress Bollywood nudes

    Guy this is my very first edit, your support is much appreciated.
  11. MrGhostRider

    Faker's Gallery Parallel World Fakes

    This is a new try to make fakes based on movies which may have different plot in a parallel world. 1) Ghilli - Dhanalakshmi (Trisha) Accepts Muthupandi's Love
  12. Mystical faker

    Faker's Gallery Munmun dutta fake nudes

  13. Galbatorix

    Faker's Gallery Galbatorix Fakes - Indian Sluts Gallery

    Great to be in a platform to showcase my creation. I am not new to creating fakes but it is been a while since I made fakes, here I will be posting content on Indian Celebrities. Please don't request to make any actress and I don't personal fakes. This is just for fun and feeder for your...
  14. Fakemachine

    Faker's Gallery Fakemachines Fakes

    Deepika's Ass teased and pleasured!!
  15. Sreekunju

    Malayalam Actress Shruthi rajanikanth fame chakkapazham

  16. D

    Mixed Celebrities Fakes Photos

    Scarlett Johansson Fakes
  17. Sreekunju

    Faker's Gallery Sorry for not posting for a long time

    Guys fakes will be posting by next week. Sorry for not posting. Because I was little busy. Soo stay tuned💦. You can request which one u want in personally to me.💦👍🏻
  18. Felix

    Faker's Gallery Editzz by Felix

    Trying out different perspectives in Faking. Recommendations and Criticisms are welcome! NB: It would be better if requests are made in DM.
  19. P

    Bollywood Actress Bollywood fakes

  20. P

    Bollywood Actress Anime GiF fakes

    Don't request south and tv actresses here This thread is only for Bollywood Actresses