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  1. Prabh

    Punjabi Actress Sargun Mehta Photo Shoot For Porn Video 😍😚

    Sargun Mehta Porn PhotoShoot
  2. TruthOrDave

    New Faker Dave's Random Fakes

    VJ Paru
  3. livoliviya

    Faker's Gallery AI Generated Fakes

  4. L

    Faker's Gallery Lankan Celebs Nude (Sri Lankan/Indian Celebrities Nude)

    how to upload an image to the internet
  5. Creator 007

    Faker's Gallery Personal Image Gallery

    Guys, this is my personal image gallery. I am using this thread to keep my work on cloud storage. Please don’t post any requests and I won’t be regular. You can, however, come and enjoy my work any time.
  6. N

    AI Fake Bollywood Actress Realistic Ai Fakes Gallery

    • There will be a new fake after 3 days. • Ask for fakes in DM.
  7. N

    Tamil Actress My casual edits of Desi Actress

    Hello Guys! I am not a faker. I take existing pics posted in other threads, correct mistakes and edit them they way I like it and then post them.

    AI Fakes of Actresses

    Hi Everyone. This is my first post and my first fakes. Please comment how were the fakes and any other actresses fakes you would like Kiara Advani Kriti Sanon Mouni Roy
  9. F

    Hollywood Actress Hollywood Actress Fake Videos

    This thread has interracial videos of hollywood actresses
  10. Pratheeksha......

    Telugu MEMES Personal Mutual faking......

    If any one interested in personal Mutual faking....pls share ur telegram or hangout id here.... .
  11. devilbrute7226

    Faker's Gallery 𝐒𝐨𝐮𝐭𝐡 𝐈𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐚𝐧 𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐬 ❤️💦💦

    watch my new hots n send your Likes❤️💦💦
  12. VIPAlgushta

    Bollywood , South Actress 4k Fakes | 4K Nude Heroines |HD Actress Desi

    Raashii Khanna| RaashiiKhanna | Raashii Khanna 4K Fakes | Raashii Khannafakes | Fakes of Raashii Khanna Rashii Khanna| RashiiKhanna | Rashii Khanna 4K Fakes | Rashii Khanna fakes | Fakes of Rashii Khanna Rashii Khana| Rashii Khanana| Rashii Khana 4K Fakes | Rashii Khana fakes | Fakes of Rashii...
  13. R

    Faker's Gallery Create Best Fakes

    Hello Fakers, I have a bunch of names from movie industries and TV Celebs. These are the names not found many. So maybe anyone can develop fakes on these and believe me it’s gonna be rod shaking fake. 1. Kriti Kharbanda Series 2. Priya Banerjee (Bekaboo fame) 3. Aahna Sharma (Splitsvilla...
  14. Helloworld122

    Faker's Gallery RANDOM ACTRESS FAKES

    All Acterss Fakes - POST #1
  15. D

    New Faker Actress Scat fakes

    Dear members of desifakes take this as a challenge. Actresses💩 💩 💩 💩 scat fakes.
  16. akshay35

    How to Secret to making Unbelievable Video Fakes? (Non FaceSwap)

    Ever wondered how to make those unbelievable video fakes where real clips of actresses are nudified? Well it's not that easy. @C7Y Fakes is a brilliant faker, probably one of the best fakers on this website. Go check his thread out at...
  17. Noname

    AI Fake KARMA AI fakes - South Actress

    New Ai fakes
  18. G

    Actress Sex Story TMKOC Sex-Verse

    This is a new thread started by me, will be posting stories here if possible. No commitment so please don't keep on asking for update. I will update as much as possible
  19. Jay ⚜️ Sharma

    Faker's Gallery Hottest FaceSwaps in the History of DF

    The title says it all. please comment and like for more edits Tell me your fantasy and I will make it come true through my edits
  20. star2255

    Kannada Actress ✨YOUR FAVOURITE ACTRESS ✨ Like

    Kannada hotties hot show 💦