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    Faker's Gallery Mridula Murali Latest

    image upload
  2. Fs7

    Malayalam Actress Ai request ! Anyone can do this for everyone.

  3. A


    This thread is for maddamsir actress and if you want then I edit few requests
  4. R

    New Faker if you want to learn ai fakes dm me

    dm me to learn ai fakes bt i wil take money......u cn see my page pics for example
  5. RRR12


    Hii this is my first thread so I hope u like it... Note-- none of the pics I have made its all from Insta or Google. I just have enhanced it a little.. Thank you.
  6. SamuHot

    New Faker Actress Ai Nudezz

    Amala Shaji
  7. O

    Faker's Gallery Aishwarya sharma

    Requested by Mkmooze upload gif online free
  8. mr.deepfake

    New Faker shweta tiwari fakes

  9. Galbatorix

    AI Fake The Great Indian Sluts - AI Assisted

    Greetings DF Community, This thread is a collaboration between me and @samantha , the AI part of the fakes are done by @samantha and the raw fakes are done by me. Please follow and encourage us to make more and more AI Assisted Fakes. Thanks, Galbatorix X Samantha
  10. @secrates

    I teach you how to make AI fakes following this tutorial

    I am asking so many people how to make AI nude fakes nobody tells me how to make them, I decided to learn my own I'm starting to research pasta weeks, and finally know the technique how to make Ai nude I spend a lot of time these past 2 weeks, whenever I decide to make a tutorial and share the...
  11. Jieolsz

    AI Fake Actresses AI Rendered

    This thread will contain AI rendered Actresses' in imaginary situations. I would request you all to send your requests in DM and not request or post images in the thread. Also, don't keep sending messages in this thread like "bro edit mine", "waiting for my request"... These will get you banned...
  12. DeepikaDesiii

    Real Story One evening where it all changed..

    Hi all, I'm Deepika, 25 yo F from UP, India. I'm a Phd student, 3rd year which means I end up with more free time in my hands than I know what to do with. This is my second post here, after feeling relieved to release a traumatic memory by sharing it here...
  13. Yeshua

    Faker's Gallery AK47 Indian Actresses

    Munmun Dutta Hard core Milf
  14. Jieolsz

    Bollywood Actress Dress Swaps / Removals - Mixed

    In this thread, we'll see attempt to swap / remove dress and/or background scenarios !
  15. Yeshua

    Faker's Gallery Munmun Dutta \ babita ji TMKOC on a chair

  16. asfuck

    Bollywood Actress Kiara Advani faker's

    A bikini can’t solve anything, but it’s an excellent way to start.

    Faker's Gallery Priya Bhavani Shankar

  18. PikaChoot

    AI Fake PikaChoot Fantasy Land

    Welcome to my Fantasy land No Request Absolutely Not