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  1. Tummy2

    Actress Sex Story Nayani Pavani blackmailed by principle

    Nayani to the principal's office" The sound of my name on the loud speaker jogged me from my daydream as I walked down the hall of my high school. I turned around to head for the principal's office. Why would he need to see me? I was a straight A student, never tardy, rarely absent. He must...
  2. Tummy2

    Actress Sex Story Pranavi manukonda sex with bus conductor

    I am Pranavi and my age is 23 years This incident happened when I was 19 years old. My family was staying at Vanasathalipuram, Hyderabad during that time. My father was a govt employee. I was studying in 1st year MBA in Hyderabad. Coming to the actual incident. I used to take a city bus to go...
  3. Tummy2

    Actress Sex Story Sai pallavi adventure episode 2

    Few weeks have passed by and everyday sai pallavi imagined the sexual encounters she had with Rachayya ,The hardcore sex, pain, the cumshots, and verbal Pervert Exploit was making Sai pallavi crave for sex.She was sad and her pussy was itching for hardcore pounding So, she devised a plan to...
  4. Tummy2

    Actress Sex Story Ananya Panday

    Being the only child of the family has its perks, your parents always listened to you and had more freedom compared to most others with siblings, I was one of those privileged. Growing up I had lots of friends and they always envied the privileges. It could be going to the movies or staying late...
  5. Tummy2

    Actress Sex Story Amritha Aiyer 18th birthday sex story

    Amrita was just 18teen and she was on her way home from school. She decided to call at her Uncle’s house (she had to walk past his house on her way home). She said she had begun to drop-in quite often recently, mainly because he would give her cigarettes, and smoking was something which both...
  6. Tummy2

    Actress Sex Story Sai pallavi fucks village watchman

    Sai Pallavi sat in the back seat of her Audi Q3 and moaned as her dainty fingers hit the right spot inside her cunt. She let it sit there for a couple of seconds, tightening her vaginal muscles as the tips of her slender fingers gently massaged the upper walls of her pussy. When she was just...
  7. Actressfetish

    Tamil Sex story Actress turned into slave

  8. E

    Dirty Talk Random fantasy sex chat

    Sex chat about fucking my friend's little slutty sister Ek din me mere dost ke ghar gaya tha, to uski behen bed pe aise soyi thi. Ghar pe koi nahi tha. Mene ghar ka darwaja andar se band kar diya. Sote waqt wo shorts pehen ke soyi thi, wo bhi upar sarak gayi thi, jiski wajah se uski gaand dikh...
  9. Ganesh@123

    Actress Sex Story Jackline Fernandez suhagrat

    Jackline Fernandez want some young cock
  10. StoryMaster

    Actress Sex Story Kajal Bhabhi fucked on Holi night...

    Disclaimer: The story is purely a fiction not intend any personal people life, if you find any problem with content please message us we take required action, and the Images are add only for mood setting in Story, images are taken from internet source and not subjected to copyright, thank you...
  11. S

    Actress Sex Story SNEHA: AND THE LEGEND OF 9 RINGS

    This is a fantasy story where SNEHA will be a slave and will be used in all ways possible. This story contains female actress in lead roles and very few male roles. Note: This story will have all types of including "Shit and Pissing on Slave". So, if anyone don't like it please don't read this...
  12. Asuran69A

    Tamil Sex story [A69A - Creations] - Tamil sex stories & Comics

    This is a New page of A69A - Creations We're starting Sex stories(Tamil) & Comics(Tamil & English) Vote for the story (Stories Coming Soon)
  13. Sidbid

    Hindi Sex Story The boy with the sex stories

    Select your interest. I'll post stories soon.
  14. Bakchod_media787

    WHAT IF...?

    WHAT IF...? is a new thread started by Bakchodi_Media787.Here we are trying to do something different we are trying to reimagine various concepts and stories using Basically it's like a parody.So I hope you guys will like it .And thank you to all for supporting us and we require...
  15. pinkpill


    PLEASE SUGGEST A GOOD PLOT FOR ANOTHER SEX STORY : your suggestion may include---> BDSM Teacher and Student Family love and sex (Mom,son/ brother.sister/ dad,daughter/in-laws) Forced sex Cheating Workout/ Yoga / GYM / Sports Doctor Blackmail or any other as per your interest
  16. LilGirly

    Other Sex Story My Experiences

    Hey guys.... I m new to this forum so I just wanted to know If i can post here about my personal experiences for u guys to enjoy?? Names used will of course be fake ones..... also no personal pics or vids will be used....
  17. pinkpill


    So this is an incident that happened last month in my college. I was the leader of the program managing team of my school and we were given task to decide whom to call as chief guest for our annual celebration day . There were many good suggestions like Manju warrier ,Priya Prakash...
  18. orochimaru

    Actress Sex Story Bollywood / Hollywood / actress sex Comics by orochimaru

    I'll post all my created sex comics in this thread dont spam same requests multiple times , ill only make comics of girls i like starting with MACKENZIE FOY