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Jul 7, 2021
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Hi, let me tell you About me first. I am chirag aged 25. This happened around a year back. I met this beautiful couple Mr. and Mrs. Sharma from Bangalore online and started to share the fantasy.

Sharma is 35 and his wife is 29. I had been chatting with this new Indian couple here for almost two weeks now. We exchanged our pictures and it seemed that they both were eager to meet my 7-inch thick dick!

My plan was to meet them for a coffee and then to go to their home as their guest for the evening and night. I had met a few other couples from the site previously but this was my first encounter where the husband was bisexual. (I am a straight guy, but little bit of bi-curious.)

We reached their house around 6 in the evening. They had sent their little son to his uncle’s home for the night. The weekend was perfectly set up.

Mr. Sharma was a jovial man. Both of them made me feel at home. I and Mr Sharma had two pegs of whiskey each while Mrs. Sharma opted for a beer.

Once the alcohol started taking over each of us, Mrs. Sharma approached me. She sat beside me and kept her hands on my thighs. I took this as a green signal and put my hands around her shoulder and started pressing her left breast. With my other hand, I started rubbing her crotch area.

She would have seen a bulge in my pants growing up and she unbuckled my belt. We both got up. I asked her to remove her salwar as I began undressing. Mr. Sharma was watching all this sitting on the sofa at the other end of the room. Soon, both Mrs. Sharma and I were in our underwear. She was a beautiful looking woman.

I couldn’t believe that she was 29. For me, she looked like a 25-year-old young woman. Her boobs were huge and nicely shaped like mangoes. I couldn’t wait to suck on them.

I leaned forward to kiss her. Our lips locked into a long passionate french kiss. While I was hugging her, I had removed her bra and those mangoes were set free. Her size was around 38 and they were really large.

I started cupping and squeezing them. Then I decided to take it slow. I began to lick her nipples and she too started doing her part. I felt warm fingers open my underwear and grabbing my dick. The moment she touched it, I was already in a good mood.

I began sucking her boobs and she started wanking my dick with my underwear on. My hands went inside her panties. She was already dripping wet.

She had trimmed her pubic her as I had asked her to. I began licking and sucking her like a dog. I kissed her neck armpits nipples and space between her boobs. I loved tasting her sweaty armpits.

We were caught up in our act so much that we had forgotten about the husband. When I looked, he had already removed his pants. The cuckold Indian hubby was jerking himself as I was sucking his wife’s breasts in front of him!

She asked me to sit down and called him over too. He came and sat beside me. Both of us removed our underwears and Mrs. Sharma had already knelt in between us.

She grabbed my dick with her right hand and with her other hand, she began stroking her cuckold husband’s dick. She was jerking both our dicks. She licked the top of each of our dicks.

My cock was bigger and thicker. As I was really young, my dick seemed more alive with hormones. I bet she would have felt my hard boy pumping up in her hands.

She started sucking her husband off and with her hands, she was cupping my balls. She did know how to satisfy two men at the same time.

Then, after attending her husband’s cock for 5 minutes, she shifted to mine. She was waiting to taste me. I could see that in her eyes.

She started with long licks. She licked my shaft and balls and I was already feeling ecstasy. She suddenly put my dickhead inside her mouth, locked her lips, and began sucking hard. She moved her tongue on my red dickhead simultaneously as she was sucking it.

Then she took her husband’s hands and kept it on my balls. As I mentioned earlier, I was a straight guy. So I had agreed that I would not touch his cock but he can suck my dick.

I had clearly mentioned that I won’t give him that ‘favor’ back and he had agreed to it too. I was glad that they respected my sexual orientation. They were well-behaved and never forced me to do anything I didn’t like.

Coming back to the scene, the slutty wife was blowing me while her husband cupped my balls. I felt the impulse on my dick. I grabbed her, held her head tightly, and pushed my dick deep inside her mouth! She was caught by surprise. I pulled out for a moment so that she could catch a breath.

“Boy, you are so big. You are too big to fit in. But I really want your cock to hit my throat” the wife said. She wasn’t bluffing. My 7-inch big brown cock was definitely longer and thicker than her hubby’s 5.5-inch cock.

She continued and began to give me a deepthroat. I took advantage of the situation and started fucking her mouth. She was loving it, so was her husband. I could see that he was jerking himself very fast. It seemed like he always wanted to see his wife suck a younger and fatter cock than his. It was really turning the cuckold husband on.

The wife then withdrew and asked her husband to kneel down with her. He was bisexual and cuckold and he was waiting for her to make this move. She asked him to open his mouth. She took my dick in her hand and placed it in her husband’s open mouth! It was his first time he was tasting a cock. He licked my dick.

She told him, “Honey, suck him. Show him how I trained you to suck a cock. You always wanted to share sucking a cock with me.”

Hearing his wife’s words, the husband started sucking my cock. To make things easy for him, she pushed his head onto my cock. I felt weird but nonetheless my cock was getting a blowjob and I didn’t care who it was!

Mrs. Sharma treating her husband like a cuckold was turning me on. While he sucked me, she was jerking my dick. It was like she was milking me.

She then started spreading my ass and she gave me a Rimjob. She was licking my asshole and balls and I was loving it. All this was too much for me to take. I told them that I was about to cum.

She pulled my dick from his mouth and demanded me to cum in her mouth instead. I was reaching my orgasm. I grabbed her head, pushed my dick inside and I was shooting my man juice inside her mouth! She milked me into her mouth. What she did after that surprised me.

She kissed her husband and swapped my cum into his mouth! He swallowed it like it was a medal for his hard work. I had seen such things only in adult movies from other countries. To experience this, that too in India really amazing. It was like a dream come true.

It was only 9 pm and the night was just getting started only for us.

Then Mr sharma make drink for all of us and we did a bottom ups and now my dick started erect again

Mrs sharma noticed this and she took me to their bedroom and I lay down on the bed and she started to suck my dick again and within 2 min my dick was hard as a steel road

Then she climbed on me and put my dick in her dripping wet pussy it went Easley inside then Mr sharma enter the room and started licking Mrs sharma asshole

And she was moaning so hard and goes on for 15 min and Mrs sharma all ready cum once but she was still jumping

Then Mr sharma said chirag can you do me a favor I said what he said can you fuck me in the ass I want to feel this dick to I was soo horny I didn't mind and said ok

Then he sit on my dick in reverse cowgirl position and I started pumping his ass was to tight for my dick so Mrs sharma first suck my dick and covered my dick sloppy & wet from her sliva then she put her toung in Mr sharma ass and make it fully wet

then I again put my dick now it goes in and I started pumping really hard and Mr sharma was moaning like a whore and it was making me more excited that a man was moaning on my dick & after 10 min I said I'm gonna cum so Mrs sharma started to suck Mr sharma dick

and he was also about to cum

now after 5 min we both came I cum in his ass and he cum in her mouth then Mrs suck all the cum from Mr sharma ass and we all went to sleep and next morning I took off without waking them up

Hope you are like it. I believe there are other people who want to try this.

Please share your reviews and responses. Hoping to connect with people of similar interests. If you have similar fantasy ideas drop your views below.