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Other Sex Story Losing my virginity to Shilpa Aunty-Part 1


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Mar 13, 2021
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Hello! today I will be sharing a real life experience with you all
Since lockdown started Shilpa aunty (my neighbor and the heroine of this story) had been having a long holiday. She is an English subject teacher in a nearby school but the joy ended as the classes started, though she didn't had to go to school to teach as she taught for primary classes but she had to make video of each lesson and post it in the school WhatsApp group. This was a hard task for her because she didn't knew anything about video editing and her daughter was in her granny's home . Shilpa aunty stayed in her home as she had to report to the school thrice a week. Who knew that my life was going to change and take me to a new journey when Shilpa aunty came to my house to ask my mom if I can go to her house to help her with the videos. My mom being aunt's good friend let me go and help her. I used to help her in most of the things like shooting the video , editing it, bringing changes if needed and help her with preparations. I was free at that time as I completed my degree and was waiting for the lockdown to get over so that I can apply for a job. I spent most of the day with her helping her and sometime I stay there till 8 in the night. It was almost 5 or 6 weeks later that this incident happened .My mom went to her hometown after taking special permission from the police as it was lockdown everywhere and dangerous to go out and my mom asked me to stay at home because she was going to her hometown to take her mom for the medical checkup and it was a long one as granny had many health problems. Mom told me that she will be back in 2 days and Shilpa aunty will give me food till then. I didn't had any problem because I was used to staying alone at hostel when friends went home. It was another normal day and today I had to go to Shilpa aunt's house to help her with next shoot of chapter. I went to her home at in the morning had breakfast and started the shoot. It was over by 12:30 and as soon as it got over aunty got into making the lunch for the day. As she was late and I was also hungry I decided to help her in the kitchen. We prepared the lunch within a hour and we had it .Now I started editing the video that we shot morning in my laptop and Shilpa aunty came to me and sat on the bed on which I was sitting or say laying and said " Harish...…. I don't know how to thank you for all the help you have been doing for me for the past weeks. It would have been impossible for me to keep up with my work if you weren't there for help" I replied with "No problem aunty it was my pleasure helping you" Now her tone changed and became a bit more soft this time and said "No daaa you are so helpful and you cared about me so much, you even helped me today in the kitchen because I was late and its my duty to thank you back". As soon as she finished she started coming towards me and came so close to me and started moving her hands over my shorts, I was old enough to understand what is going to happen and i was so shocked and excited because i never though i would get to have sex with Shilpa aunty. I waited for some more time to let her do what she was doing and then she came close to my face and started kissing on my lips and cheeks. Now I was completely turned on and I also joined her in kissing,we played with our tongue and i now i was so impatient and i took it to the next level. I pushed her on to the bed and started removing her sari. I slowly removed it and started licking her naval. She was so horny that she was near to tearing down the bedsheet. I started to move down from her naval and it started to taste so good ,I saw that my tongue was in her vaginal hole and she was breathing so heavy. I went in more and started to lick each and every point of her vagina .The taste changed and something came out of her vagina. I realized that this was the sign she gave to me to tell that she is ready for more. Without wasting time I laid down and put my long dick into her mouth, she sucked it for about 2 minute and made it wet with her saliva, it looked like it was polished. I got up from bed and pushed her against the bed and started tickling her vagina with my dick. This time she was in a hurry and asked me to stop teasing her and give it to her .Slowly I pushed my dick into her hole and it was so cozy inside. It looked like no one entered that hole for months and it was true as there was no one home to give her the pleasure.Her husband was away from home in Dubai and he wouldn't be coming any soon. I was completely inside her and now i started pushing her up and down with my long rod and she was breathing so heavy and fast. Seeing this I increases my speed and she was enjoying every second we were having together. After fucking her for about 2 mins we decided to changed position. Now she was above me and me lying on the bed enjoying the fuck and sucking her huge melons that were hanging like balloons. We changed the position every 4 minutes and stopped at interval to go long without me cumming.She gave me blowjobs in the interval to keep my dick wet. I even checked google for some awesome sex positions that even she was unaware of. I fucked her all over the house, in bedroom, kitchen, on the floor ,in bathroom, everywhere. I was feeling the cum that was rushing through my dick and as we weren't wearing condom I told her that I was about to cum and she asked me to give in in her mouth. I put my dick into her mouth and in seconds I pumped a huge load of cum inside her mouth. She was so happy and slept over me for 5 mins and then later we took a shower together and we cleaned each other. Later that night I didn't go home and decided to sleep with her. We slept naked that night cuddling each other

That's all for part 1 .Wait for the next part to know what happened next day :)


This is her selfie with me. What a huge melons and hot body she has !!!
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