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  1. Amar Menon

    Actress Sex Story கருப்பு சூத்து ஓட்டை கீர்த்தி சுரேஷ் காம லீலைகள் | Keerthi Suresh Kama Leela | கீர்த்தி சுரேஷ் குண்டி, மொலை, புண்டை, சூத்து

    கருப்பு சூத்து ஓட்டை கீர்த்தி சுரேஷ் நயன்தாராவைபோல் பிரபலம் ஆக செய்த காம லீலைகள் பிரோடுசேர் சார்! எனக்கும் நயன்தாரா அக்கா மாதிரி ரொம்ப பாப்புலர் ஆகணும் சார்! எல்லாரும் எனக்கு சேலை கட்டுன கதாபாத்திரம் தான் கொடுக்குறாங்க! அதனால சம்பளம் ரொம்ப கம்மியா இருக்கு! நான் க்ளாமர் ரோல் பண்ண ரெடியா...
  2. Gohan

    Actress Sex Story A house wife fantasy

    This is about CWC kani and her sisters.A imagination story about their fantasy sex life
  3. MrGhostRider

    Actress Sex Story Fakes With a Backstory

    Shriya Saran's Miserable Day Shriya was shopping in the market peacefully
  4. Sidbid

    Hindi Sex Story The boy with the sex stories

    Select your interest. I'll post stories soon.
  5. kindblackdevil01

    Actress Sex Story I'm looking for sex story fake photo editor

    If anyone can edti fake for my sex story please dm
  6. E

    Marathi Sex Story शेवटी सोनाली ने मला रंडी बनवलच

    शेवटी सोनाली ने मला रंडी बनवलच पूर्वार्ध आजही त्या दिवसाची आठवण आली की पुच्ची ओली होते, नकळत हात चड्डीत जातो आणि बोटं पुच्चीचं एकटेपण दूर करायला सुरुवात करतात. एक हात पुच्चीची आग विझवायचा प्रयत्न करतो आणि एक हात माझ्या नाजूक, कामुक शरीराला चोळू लागतो. असंच त्या दोघांनी मला चोळलं होतं त्या...
  7. LilGirly

    Other Sex Story My Experiences

    Hey guys.... I m new to this forum so I just wanted to know If i can post here about my personal experiences for u guys to enjoy?? Names used will of course be fake ones..... also no personal pics or vids will be used....
  8. pinkpill


    HOW A BIRTHDAY PARTY TURNED INTO A GROUP SEX WITH MY FRIEND AND HIS MOM This is a story of a birthday party that you all will wish to have once you finish reading this. It was the day I had to go to Rakesh's house to attend his mom Vandana aunt's birthday. We had arranged the room and decorated...
  9. sammu069

    Actress Sex Story Samantha The Slut💦

    Hi friends. Gonna do a series of Samantha wid hot fakes. Do comment and like. 💦💦
  10. pinkpill

    Other Sex Story Losing my Virginity to Shilpa Aunty - PART II

    This is the second part of my story -Losing my virginity to Shilpa aunty ! IF YOU HAVENT READ THE FIRST PART THEN GO CHECK IT OUT ! In the previous episode we saw how me and Shilpa aunty explored the world of sex and how she took my virginity from me PART-II Its the next day ! I woke up...
  11. pinkpill

    Other Sex Story Losing my virginity to Shilpa Aunty-Part 1

    Hello! today I will be sharing a real life experience with you all Since lockdown started Shilpa aunty (my neighbor and the heroine of this story) had been having a long holiday. She is an English subject teacher in a nearby school but the joy ended as the classes started, though she didn't had...
  12. NSFW_Faker

    Bollywood Actress The busty Anushka Sharma has been kidnapped but the cameras are following her and taking pictures while she try to untie herself. In this effort she e

    Anushka Sharma tied and fucked very hard pressing juicy boobs💦
  13. Fakerzzz

    Faker's Gallery Desi actress fake-comics (18+)

    Yeh Hai Lund k batein (Fake Series) Stars : Divyanka Tripathi as Ishita Raman Valla Karan Patel as Raman Valla Directed by : Fakerzzz Writing Credits : Fakerzzz Produced by : Desifakes Cinematography by : Naughty America...