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sex story

  1. kisso

    Faker's Gallery Nayanthara aunty fuck

    Nayan aunty nathila kunkumapoti, thalila malikapo, kalithila ava purushan katina manchal thali, transparent sareela ava soothim molium pithigi nikka summa gummine unnga munnade vanthi ninne enna ennavena pannikodani sonna enna pannuviga Katpaniya soliga mudiyathavanga image edit...
  2. Sexual Veda Writer

    Hindi Sex Story Wife teaches his husband how to insert and husband fuck her hard

    देवी अनिता मेरी सुन्दर पत्नी हैं। उसके बड़े बड़े स्तन हैं. वे हिमालय पर्वत के समान हैं। भले ही वह ब्लाउज और साड़ी पहनती है, फिर भी उसकी तस्वीरें देखकर ही मेरा सारा वीर्य स्खलित हो जाने की इच्छा होने लगती है। वह बेहद हॉट हैं, इसमें कोई शक नहीं। आज वह मूड में है. वह अभी मेरे पास आई थी. उसने बस...
  3. parul007

    Personal sex story Meri Real sister Aur Cousin Sister ki Foursome ki Real story.

    Ye real experience ha meri real behen aur cousin behen kii jinki shaddi doo bhaiyo se hui thi, right side vali meri behen ha aur left side vali cousin sister.Aur meri behen ki shaddi Hui bas 1 saal hua tha aur cousin sis ki shaddi ko 3-4 saal ho gye the. Aur ye photo bhi uss time ki ha jab...
  4. Sluttery Town

    Actress Sex Story The Dirty Games of KAMASUTRA 🫦❤️💦💦🥵🥵!!!!

    ANNOUNCEMENT: I am feeling very glad to announce My most precious Project . " DIRTY GAMES OF KAMASUTRA! " . This is gonna be my 5th MEGA-PROJECT* in whole and 1st Story on Desifakes Platform . I have writte nnumerous short and long porn adult fantasy literotica.... Although I met with an...
  5. kisso

    Neighbor Anushka aunt

    In the heart of bustling Mumbai, a young boy named Mani couldn't help but be drawn to the passionate and intimate sounds of his neighbor, Anushka, as she engaged in an illicit and thrilling encounter with her husband. With each tantalizing moan and each excited gasp, Mani's heart raced with...
  6. S

    Hindi Sex Story Lost and Lust stories of me and Kiara Advani

    Part -1 Character - Kiara Advani and I It was December 31st. Mein aur Kiara ( husband wife) hamara new year celebrate karne k liye nikal pade. Normal party toh sabhi karte hain. Kiara - " Hn ji sunte ho chalo isbar hamara new year mein kuchh alag karte hain." Me- " ghar mein party karte...
  7. sanjureddy

    Other STORY

  8. H

    Personal sex story AI personalized sex stories

    Dear viewers , This is the first time ever , you will be getting a personalized sex story , with many options of personalization , DM me for all queries , And it will be free * conditions apply . For that DM me .
  9. V

    Hindi Sex Story Bhabhi Ji Ghar par Nangi Hain

    Bhabhi JI Aur Tangewala the story contains Animated gifs Extract and Open with Chrome Enjoy Download-Angoori Bhabhi
  10. Dkx

    Actress Sex Story Stories with pictures

    Comment your favourite actress for next story.
  11. Lucifer 4

    Actress Sex Story Actress Fantasy

    This story is not mine I am just translating the story it belongs to@Sahith1995
  12. DeepikaDesiii

    The time when what I saw shocked me..

    (Reposting this from my new account here) Hi all, I'm Deepika, 25 yo F from UP, India. I'm a Phd student, 3rd year which means I end up with more free time in my hands than I know what to do with. I lurk here sometimes as a means to create imaginary scenarios in my head when I feel...
  13. indranihaldar69

    Dirty Talk Any sex story writer out there ? कोई सेक्स स्टोरी लिख सकता है क्या ?

    If there is any erotic/sex story writer out there, who can write sex story in hindi or english, please reply. I want to write stories based on Bollywood, tollywood, Kollywood, sandalwood, malluwood or even bhojpuri movies. अगर किसीको भोजपुरी में भी संभोग कथा लिखनी है तो रिप्लाई करो।
  14. Tummy2

    Actress Sex Story Kriti Kharbanda fun with grandpa

    Hi. My name is Kriti. I am about 5’5, brown hair down to my breasts, I have braces, and I am white. I have a nice little body with little tits and a nice round ass, and this is the story of the time I fucked my 60 year old Grandpa. upload I was at a small family gathering, and I was wearing a...
  15. Tummy2

    Actress Sex Story Mrunal Thakur bus fantasy

    For as long as I could remember, I have wanted to fuck a really old man of like 60- 80. Wow turns me on!I always thought I would seduce him on the bus, and he’d be a shy fat old man of 76 or more. Just the idea of it makes me wet. I often touch myself and think about it, and I always have a huge...
  16. Galbatorix

    Actress Sex Story Sex Stories with Indian Actress - Galbatorix

    Greetings Desifakers, This thread is all about stories on Indian Celebrities (mostly south). Some of the stories would be long and deep, but some would be just simple and fun. Most of the stories are taken from different sources on net and modified to match the celebrities. And there would be...
  17. MrGhostRider

    Actress Sex Story Fakes With a Backstory

    Shriya Saran's Miserable Day Shriya was shopping in the market peacefully
  18. Sidbid

    Hindi Sex Story The boy with the sex stories

    Select your interest. I'll post stories soon.
  19. kindblackdevil01

    Actress Sex Story I'm looking for sex story fake photo editor

    If anyone can edti fake for my sex story please dm
  20. E

    Marathi Sex Story शेवटी सोनाली ने मला रंडी बनवलच

    शेवटी सोनाली ने मला रंडी बनवलच पूर्वार्ध आजही त्या दिवसाची आठवण आली की पुच्ची ओली होते, नकळत हात चड्डीत जातो आणि बोटं पुच्चीचं एकटेपण दूर करायला सुरुवात करतात. एक हात पुच्चीची आग विझवायचा प्रयत्न करतो आणि एक हात माझ्या नाजूक, कामुक शरीराला चोळू लागतो. असंच त्या दोघांनी मला चोळलं होतं त्या...