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Other Sex Story Losing my Virginity to Shilpa Aunty - PART II


Mar 13, 2021
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This is the second part of my story -Losing my virginity to Shilpa aunty


In the previous episode we saw how me and Shilpa aunty explored the world of sex and how she took my virginity from me


Its the next day ! I woke up after a nice, long cozy sleep and the first thing I see is Shilpa aunty sleeping with her naked leg over me .It was 8 in the morning ,the sun shined through half slid curtains of the windows.I called Shilpa aunty and asked her to wake up ,she was so lazy to come out of the bed as if she was stuck to it .I insisted her to wake up many time but she was not ready. After me strugglng to get her up she told me to get over her and give her the feel of my morning hood. My dick was so stiff like we all have when we wake up and as I was completely naked it wasn't any problem for Shilpa aunty to get her hand over it. She quickly sat up and starting sucking my cock.OMG!! the feel of getting a morning blowjob is totally undefinable. After some time I told her "Aunty go deep , take it in your whole throat " ,she suddenly stopped and asked me not to call her aunty anymore when we were alone and asked me to call he Shilpa bcz she was now seeing me as her sex partner who gave her the best sex ever. I was also happy with this, being excited I held her head ad pushed my dick through her mouth to reach deep .She started choking so i took it back.I pushed her to bed and started fucking her. She then got up and sat on my face and started sucking my cock.Her whole pussy was in my mouth and I was passionately licking her . Her big booty was so heavy but moreover her pussy was sooo tasty .We were having so much fun that suddenly my mobile phone started ringing, I asked her to stop so that the caller don't have any suspicion on me, It was my hostel friend Om who lived not so far from my home. Shilpa asked me "Harish who is it?" I replied ,its just my friend Om,He is coming to visit me .Shilpa started thinking something and said " Harish why dont you ask him to join us?".Even I liked this idea because Om was also a virgin like me and he liked these anime and porn stuffs very much. We continued fucking and in about 5 mins he was infront of my home. I asked him to come to the neighboring house and he rang the door bell. I dressed up and opened the door.I pulled him in and asked "Do you want to have sex ?" .He started laughing and said "I do but its just a dream for now ". I excitedly said to him "Your dreams are coming true mahnnn" .I took him to the bedroom where Shilpa was laying on the bed with her pussy welcoming my friend.Om looked at me and said is this really happening .I pushed him on to the bed asked him to start with whatever he wants. We three were naked now with my dick in her pussy and Om's cock in her mouth. I fucked her so hard that she started moaning so loud. Me and Om changed our positions and at last it was time to give Shilpa an experience she would have never ever had. It was time to open her asshole. Shilpa was laying on Om with her chest on him and I was above her with my dick deep in her asshole.She was in so much pain but she asked us to go on and fuck her like a bitch.We started moving our thick rod in and out of her holes and she was sweating like anything. We kept the fan and AC off to make us sweat so that we get the vibe of a hard threesome. We fucked her together about 9 mins without break and then we switched our positions.I cleaned my dick and put it in her pussy and Om's dick was already in her wide ass.Om was so excited and looked like he wanted to tear her ass apart today. We fucked her so harshly and within 5 mins I felt like I was gonna cum.I told her that I was ready and Om also added that he was also ready. Shilpa asked us to cum inside her and don't think about the future consequences, she will eat the pill for it.All three of us cummed together, it was so hot and we again fucked after cumming to get that feel,it was so slimy inside her cunt.Om got fresh and thanked me for this special day and said he would never forget this in his life and Shilpa gave Om the last kiss and he went back home.It was the last day for us to be together so we didn't want to waste this time ,we decided to be naked the whole day in the home even when she worked. We fucked for the last time in the evening and I returned to my home with a great story to remember in my heart.



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