1. MrGhostRider

    Actress Sex Story Stories Based on Movies ft Actress Fakes

    Hello Friends, I am a Huge fan of Adult Fan fiction on the internet. They have fan-fiction for every kind of TV shows, Movies, Etc. Then it got me thinking. Why there is no Fan fiction for Tamil Movies. And Here we are. I am going to Start writing Adult Fan fiction on Tamil Movies. [PS : This...
  2. sublogger

    Dirty Talk Sexy BDSM memes

    In this thread I will post bdsm gifs with quote
  3. D

    Personal sex story Slut house

    Make story or fakes or whatever you can of them and post it in my dm or here
  4. StoryMaster

    Actress Sex Story Disha Patani Sex Story "MY GYM TEACHER DISHA"

  5. rooco

    Other Sex Story Shruti becomes a cum rag

    Things are very clear, shruti could not be more happier, not many girls can get her parents agree on who she wanna get married to. shruti has a cute smile and an amazing ass the none can resist to spank, spent most of her time evaluting test papers of her student, only fun she has when when set...
  6. raj1984

    Actress Sex Story My next story suggestion

    My previous stories were Rashmika Mandanna - Destruction Of A Policewoman and Brainwashing Traditional Woman To Slut - A Revenge Story.. Need Your Suggestion for my next story as under what genre story should be....